The matcha ceremony is an elaborate art form that is an important part of Japanese culture. With a little practice, making delicious, clump-free matcha is simple. We'll explain how to perfect your whisking technique.

Meet Your Matcha Accessories

Preparing matcha tea the traditional way requires some specialized equipment. You need to have the right tools in order to succeed in creating a lovely green concoction.

  1. Organic ceremonial grade matcha powder
  2. Hot water (preferably distilled or purified)
  3. Tea bowl (matcha chawan--handmade bowl if you really enjoy matcha)
  4. Handmade bamboo whisk (Chasen)
  5. Bamboo scoop/measuring ladle (Chashaku)
  6. Thermometer (optional)

7.          Linen cloth (chakin) to wipe the bowl.

8.          Matcha sifter (furui) for measurement

Mentioned above are the traditional Japanese matcha utensils to add to your kitchen essentials. Get them and increase your chances of capturing the perfect brew and, therefore, enhance your matcha tea experience.

1. To brew a cup, scoop 1½ ladlefuls (about 2 grams, or ½ teaspoons) matcha powder into your strainer.

2. Sift your matcha powder into your tea bowl, swirling the powder around the strainer with your ladle. This will ensure there are no clumps so your tea will be smooth later on. After you've sifted your powder, it should look like this. Pretty, right?

3. Carefully pour boiling water (about 2-3 ounces) into a bowl. Add the matcha powder. For hot brew use 160-170°F (70-75°C) 

(Note: A great way to get your water to the right temperature is to pour some into a container, either a kettle or a cup, and allow it to cool for 1-2 minutes (about 175 degrees).

4. Using your Chasen, briskly whisk in a “w” or “me” motion. Hold the rim of the matcha bowl in one hand and pick up the whisk in the other hand. Relax your wrist, then whisk the matcha green tea powder in the hot water in a gentle circular motion for thin, smooth tea, and in a brisk "M" or "W"-shaped motion for foamy tea. Whisk for about 10–15 seconds until the tea is bright green. This whisking process aerates the tea, creating a nice frothy layer on the surface. (Fun fact: Smooth and foamy tea both have slightly different scents and flavors.)

Once the foam forms, gently use the whisk to rub the surface of the tea to break any large air bubbles. To clean the whisk, carefully rinse it under water (no soap needed!) and return it back to the whisk holder so it can retain its shape.

5. Carefully pour your matcha into a teacup.

6. Add 6-7 ounces of hot water. Then pour the rest of the water into your tea bowl and whisk in small gentle circles and rainbow-shaped motions. Whisk until your thick tea is completely smooth, then serve in small teacups. Based on preference, add hot water to the frothy bowl of matcha. For a stronger flavor, use less water.


Not only is Matcha enjoyable to make—it is enjoyable to drink. For an energizing boost that lasts all day, simply create a hot, fresh cup in the morning. Its earthy, mildly sweet aroma and flavor engage all the senses to make an everyday delight! 

As with anything, preparing a perfect cup of traditional Matcha green tea takes practice. With these tips from the Matcha masters, we hope that you’re well equipped for your next bowl of Matcha. Cheers!

Note: It is best to drink your Matcha right away. Letting it sit will make some of the powder settle at the bottom. Should you get caught in an interesting conversation and happen to forget that you have some Matcha tea left, whisk it again or swirl to dissolve the suspended powder.